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Pridgen's Training Facility is excited to offer at stud Grnitech PKC CH River Bend Switch. By owning and promoting multiple stud dogs over the years, including dogs such as Wipeout Zeb Again, Wipeout Zeb III and Coon Waxer, we are able to fine tune what we consider as a true reproducing stud. We have watched Switch as well as his pups over the last couple of years and it's been nothing short of amazing, we have defiantly been impressed.

River Bend (Flag dogs) have stood the test of time and are known as complete, well rounded, balanced coondogs. They have the brains to be enjoyable to hunt and the drive to win big. The legendary owner and breeder of the River Bend Flag dogs stated recently that Switch was going to be the next Flag and should be offered at public stud. I would like to thank Kent W. Spencer for all his kind words and especially his guidance and wisdom in helping me on my daily walk with my Lord and Savior Jesus CHRIST.

If I can help you and your breeding program in anyway please don't hesitate to call. Thanks for reading.

-------------------Bob Pridgen


Additional Info:
PKC Super Stakes Sire & UKC Performance Sire

Stud Fee $300 Negative Brucellosis Test Required

Switch's Pedigree

                                                                             GRNITECH BALLS STYLISH HICKORY NUT HARRY
                                                                                     GRNITECH RIVER BEND THUNDER
                                                                                                      NITECH RIVER BEND JUNE II
                                                                       GRNITECH RIVER BEND LONESOME II
                                                                                                      GRNITECH FLATROCK THRASHER
                                                                                     CH GRNITECH MIKES COON CRAZY KITTY
                                                                                                      GRNITECH JUST DO IT BABE
                                                                                                     GRCH GRNITECH GIBBIES LEAD
                                                                                     NITECH WOLF LAKE FLAG
                                                                                                     GIBBIES MAGGIE
                                                                       NITECH RIVER BEND THUMP
                                                                                                    GRNITECH BALLS STYLISH HICKORY NUT HARRY
                                                                                    RIVER BEND ANN
                                                                                                     NITECH RIVER BEND JUNE II


1. Kent W. Spencer 252-289-0181     
2. Tom Shores 336-306-0548     
3. Eddie Huntley 704-984-0030     
4. Kevin Hendrix 252-363-6539     
5. Paul Austin 919-499-8555     
6. Matt Galloway 440-654-3484     
7. Brandon Bullis 336-466-0788
8. Jim Yoder 574-202-3741
9. Mike Sarka 810-724-5973
10. Randy Pridgen 252-450-9130
11. Ronnie Barnhill 704-695-2978
12. Benny Parsons 478-230-2050

Grnitech PKC CH River Bend Switch Owner

Bob Pridgen
Nashville, NC
Cell (252) 908-0692
Home (252) 459-6527

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