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We have an 8 acre squirrel pen as well as the current 25 acre coon pen. The 25 acre pen is surrounded by 1 3/4 mile of 6 foot chain link fence. It ensures the safety and control of the dogs. We only have coons and squirrels in the inclosure. We also have 3 small ponds and a creek that runs through the middle of the facility. We have 6 feeding stations for raccoons, three of which I can see from my back deck. Putting your pup on a hot track is no problem. The coons eat over 80 lbs of feed a week. We have plenty of coons.

RATES: $400 per month - $50 deposit. Balance due upon arrival along with vaccinations slip.


It consists of 12 kennels. The dimensions are 5x12 with a septic tank system. The kennels are cleaned out twice a day.


These Kennels are located in the back of the training facility. There are 12 kennels, there dimensions are 5x10, also cleaned out twice a day. With a self-feeders full with Black Gold dog food.


The three and a half acre pen is for pups 4 - 8 months old. They get exposed to the woods. There are coon buckets in the trees and squirrel feeders. You'll be suprised at how good this method is for starting a young puppy treeing game.


This pen has squirrel feeders one coon feeder. This pen gets pups used to the woods. Also in this pen we chain break pups. These puppy's are on self feeders. Feed by Black Gold dog food. This little pen is mainly for my pups.


We built these ponds in the facility to get the pups use to water and be able to cross creeks when chasing coons. We've put alot of corn in mud holes for coon feed.


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