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Hello my name is Bob Pridgen I have been coon hunting for over 30 years. I hunt treeing walkers the Yadkin River Blood Line and the River Bend Flag breeding. I have raised and trained many GrNite Ch's, Nite Ch's, and PKC Ch's. I know what it takes to make a top hound because I am very hard to please. I've been training dogs for the public for over nine years as my full time job. I have a twenty-five acre coon pen, a three and a half acre puppy pen and we have recently added an 8 acre pen for squirrel dogs, In the past few years I've seen things going wrong in our walker breed. Not enough hunt in them, tree all over the woods, and cannot run a track like the dogs of the past. So we purchased PKC Platinum Ch Wipeout Zeb Again and PKC Gold Ch Gr Nite Ch Coon Waxer. Wipeout Zeb and the Wipeout line are by far the most winning dogs in PKC percentage wise. We recently sold Zeb Again back to Barry Kiddy because the Wipe Out line really belongs to him. However, we still have PKC Gold CH Gr Nite CH Coon Waxer. Wax is the most winning flag dog in history and is probably one of the most strongest bred river bend flag dogs alive today that is reproducing. This year Wax produced several GR Nite CH and Nite Champions, he even had a pup to place 2nd in the PKC Spring Super Stakes which won over $8,000.00.

So now I am going to tell you what is on my mind:

This is what I have been working toward for the last three years, we are going to take Coon Waxer females that are heavy flag bred and breed back to Zeb Again, we are going to breed Zeb Again females back to Coon Waxer, and I'll tell you the reason why, there was a dog previously owned by Ronnie Nickens called flat rock Shenna, Shenna was bred to Hard Wood Buster that produced the old Flat Rock Coma, Coma produced Old Zeb. I know in my heart that this is going to work but it takes a long time to get there in your breeding program. But, boys look out this is going to be the dogs of the future.

Thank you, Bob Pridgen

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Pridgen's Kennel and Training Facility
Bob Pridgen
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